20pc Orange Chime Candles Pack- Candle Magick Wicca Pagan Meditation Reiki Spiritual - B0763N558F
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  • ****Metaphysical properties are not to be used for medical advice. Sold as a curio.

  • 20 candles total of one color.  Choose your color.  More colors available.  Want a rainbow pack?  Check out the listing for the Rainbow 20 pk.

    100 % Pure Paraffin Wax Dripless Smokeless Chime Candles Set

     - Candle Magick, Wicca, Pagan, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual

    These chime candles are traditionally used for candle magick. Burning candles is an ancient tradition of focusing and strengthening intentional magick. An appropriate candle is chosen, charged with intent by holding the candle and focusing your intentions in your mind. Personalizing or carving the candle, and then anointing the candle. These candles are designed to burn in one complete session, as by the end of the candle, your intentions are cast out into reality. Please take caution and care when burning and always keep away from children, pets, and flammable items. Please consult the table below in choosing the appropriate color. Black Fertility, healing, hexes, repelling and reversing spells, solace, dark moon spells, grounding, wisdom, leaving, protection, safety, banishing negativity, releasing, defense, scrying, pride Blue Traditionally the most potent color of protection; anti-Evil Eye, communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, domestic harmony, organization, sincerity, astral projection, element of water, spirituality, tranquility, peace, protection Green Healing, money, prosperity, growth and increase, fertility, abundance, tree/plant magick, acceptance, weather magick, counteracts envy, green, and jealousy Pink Love, friendship, romance, beneficial color when working magic on behalf of children, compassion, nurturing, femininity, partnership, spiritual and emotional healing, self improvement, maturity Purple Sex, passion, power, commanding, domination, higher consciousness, spirituality, connection to higher self, Goddess, insight, clarity, wisdom, influence, spiritual power, contact wi

    20pc Orange Chime Candles Pack- Candle Magick Wicca Pagan Meditation Reiki Spiritual - B0763N558F