Dome Top Press Unscented Pillar Candle 9 - White - B077BKHX3V
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  • A 9 inch wick provides 60 - 65 hours of burn time

  • Thick pillar candles are used to convey seriousness and long-lasting ties. Pillar candles are used to decorate altars, tabletops, walkways and anywhere mood lighting is needed.

  • Gives no scent - unscented monolith pillar candles like this are favorites for a wide range of ceremonies

  • Packaged in a giftable display packaging of plastic wrap and natural cardboard with instructions.

  • Brite Wick, based in the USA, guarantees a quality product and post-puchase customer service

  • This is a single, thick wax pillar candle by Bright Wick. It has a natural wax coating and a wrapped cotton wick. The candle burns for 60 - 65 hours. It has a mild dome top and looks great as an unlit decoration. It is 3" in diameter by 9" tall. It comes sealed in waterproof plastic wrap and a decorative, giftable cardboard wrap with instructions. This candle is unscented with a soft natural color, making it ideal for a wide variety of event themes. This candle gives off a soft irridescent glow that fills a room with emotional, theatrical lighting. It can be used indoors or outdoors but it is recommended that you use a candle holder. The melted wax is easy to clean from most surfaces and does not stain. This tall pillar candle is typically used for church decoration, formal events like weddings and funerals. Its classic appearance and clean burning wick make it ideal for indoor special events.

    Dome Top Press Unscented Pillar Candle 9" - White - B077BKHX3V