Nov 18, 2016

Catering Moves Towards Mobility

The public's tastes are always changing, and catering Hamilton services are changing to meet new demands. While some catering services still operate out of a deli, more and more of them are working out of food trucks and other mobile businesses. The lack of space in those mobile kitchens and changing tastes have encouraged the average caterer to focus on relatively small and simple dishes that are executed to perfection. Most of these operations are also relatively small, which has encouraged competition within the industry and ensured that success most often comes to those who can create a signature dish for their customers.

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Think Small

There is still a market for large, catered meals, and that market will persist for as long as people have weddings, charity dinners, and corporate events. A delicatessen can certainly increase their revenue by taking those jobs, but the market is shifting away from them. Many people are choosing relatively light meals and snacks for their events, and that means that caterers need to focus perfecting their small dishes. Most events need a large number of individual servings, so the quantity of food has changed surprisingly little, but menus often need to change to take this trend into account.

Keep on Trucking

Food trucks are becoming more popular for several reasons. Their greatest asset is their mobility, since they can park in an appropriate place to act as a restaurant, but they can also drive to an event to provide catering. The initial cost to purchase a truck is also relatively low, which makes them popular with new businesses. Their presence on reality television shows has helped to improve their reputation and make them more popular with the public.

Many businesses are operating entirely out of a food truck, but it's also common for a deli or restaurant to purchase a food truck instead of expanding into a new location. It gives the business all of the advantages of having a truck, while the older storefront can help to build the reputation of the business and provide storage space for ingredients. It's a powerful combination, and one that is getting quite popular.

Stay Special

Food trucks and small meals are relatively cheap because they don't require much infrastructure or many workers. Their increased popularity is making it easier than ever to start a catering business, which is creating more competition for everyone. Many caterers have found that they can stand out from the crowd by creating a few signature dishes and popularizing them through social media. Consumers identify the dish with the truck, and they hunt it down so they can try the latest thing. Even though many facets of the industry have changed, reputation is still everything. Check out Greensville Gourmet if you would like to learn more information.

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