like you. we love Mac + Cheese.

So much so in fact, we have designed, built, and meticulously crafted our entire restaurant and menu around our passion for creating the Ultimate Mac. Every item on our menu has been brought to life with thoughtful intention, staying true to what makes Mac + Cheese so great.

From our Classic Mac + Cheese to more elaborate, delectable creations that are sure to make your mouth water, we use only the finest and freshest ingredients around.

Flavorful and full of life, our Mac + Cheese will bring you back to a time when things were less complicated and more real.

it's not just food - it's food memory.

Remember when you tasted your first Mac + Cheese? For most of us it was long ago, yet we still connect with that feeling from when we got our first taste of gooey goodness.

the feeling of yum.

It’s those same memories that have inspired us to share with you the ultimate comfort food of yesteryear. This is the same Mac + Cheese you remember. Just reinvented.

The crazy folks behind Mac Shack that created a menu with only Mac + Cheese...
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